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Domestic vaccine passports are a counterproductive, illiberal gimmick

September 9, 2021 10:42 AM
By Alistair Carmichael MP in Politics Home

An ID card scheme, we are told, is necessary to improve vaccine uptake. In fact, the limited amount of research that has been carried out suggests that using vaccine ID cards for domestic purposes makes people less trusting of vaccines - a counterproductive step if ever there was one. Instead, we risk pushing already marginalised groups even further away from community engagement.

Until everyone that can be vaccinated has been vaccinated, vaccine ID cards will be divisive and exclusive. Once everyone is vaccinated, of course, then the need to demonstrate this to gain access to clubs, football matches or concerts becomes unnecessary…

Remember that, overwhelmingly, those who will be required to administer this pointless scheme are opposed to it. Those who run pubs, clubs and large events will be at the sharp end of this government mandate. Having worked in the hospitality industry myself for years in my youth I do not envy them their task.

Aside from the practical concerns there are the principles behind such a plan. The really dangerous bit of any centralised ID scheme is the database that sits beneath the surface.

You can read the full piece here.