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Tories are trying to hide the failure of Brexit behind tax cut fantasy

July 24, 2022 12:51 PM
By Bryan Lewis

Liz Truss was once a passionate Remainer but is now an ardent Brexiter. She was right first time.

Rishi Sunak was always a Brexiter but from his time as chancellor he should have realised that the Treasury's hostility to Brexit was right all along.

Neither of them is facing up to the consequences of Brexit and have resorted to promising major tax cuts. They both inhabit a fantasy world while the truth that dare not speak its name in right wing circles is that improvements to public services will not come though tax cuts.

The Office for Budget Responsibility estimates a 4% annual loss to GDP which makes the country poorer and severely limits their tax-cutting ambitions - hers now, his later.

The immediate problem is that both Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss must pay obeisance to the pro-Brexit prejudices of so many of Tory members who will chose between them. For Truss, this is no problem. She has developed a loathing for the European Union and that alone might give her the keys to10 Downing Street. An appalling prospect!

One must hope that Sunak wins and is then able to make a serious assessment of where the country's interests lie. This would involve learning the lesson of the failure of Brexit but would the Tory Party let him?